Studio Essentials Improve Communication and Increase Sales

Posted on June 24, 2013 by June


Our gorgeous new sales guide is your turn-key solution for communicating effectively post-session.  Help your clients know what to expect after the photos are taken and prompt them to think about how they will make their images a treasured part of their home and lives.  Adapt theClient Ordering Guideas an essential step to both in-person ordering and online ordering systems.  This fun tool helps clients stay focused on the image sales process and will likely lead to higher sales whether you're "good at sales" or not.


The Client Ordering Guide is part of ourNEW Studio Essentialsand is now available at specialIntroductory Pricing!  Save $15 on the fully-customizable booklet template.



Digital images are also an essential portion of the sales process.  OurDigital Presentation Setadds value to the client's purchase.  Professional and convenient, these fully-customizable templates allow you to deliver digital keepsake and printing information, as well as digital files, in style.  So organized!  During this introduction of our Studio Essentials, enjoy the completeDigital Presentation Set at Special Pricing.


We wish to acknowledge Bay photo for their professional printing of these gorgeous sample products with stunning imagery byPhoenix lifestyle photographer, Gina Kolsrud.



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