Terms of Use

Please read the following terms of use carefully before purchasing and using your templates.  We are proud of our vision and our standards of integrity as a company and as individuals.  On the other hand, we are disappointed (especially in a creative industry such as ours) when others do not adhere to legal or ethical standards.  Please understand that we take matters of copyright infringement and copying extremely seriously and are fully prepared to address such matters.  Further, please understand that as photographers, artists, and designers, we must all hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, and it is our hope that the photography community will be one in which respect and originality prevail.

Below are a few common questions regarding Terms of Use, but please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have or regarding any confusion.


How am I authorized to use your templates?
Our templates are designed to be used by professional photographers in their marketing and branding materials directed toward their clients, in holiday cards or birth announcements that professional photographers create and sell for their clients, and in image presentation for their clients' images (such as collages, albums, and packaging.)  Photographers may also choose to use the template for their personal images, such as in their own holiday cards or family albums. 

May I download the templates to more than one computer?

Yes, as long as your business owns the computers, and you or your employees are using the templates specifically for your photography business, you may download the templates to more than one computer.  In fact, we also recommend that you create a backup of your files on your external hard drive or CD/DVD.


May I share the templates with a friend, fellow photographer, or anyone else?

No, you may not share the templates.  You may not share the whole template, small parts of a template or any text in the template.  When you purchase the templates, only you, or those employed by you, may use them explicitly for your photography business or your personal use (i.e. a personal family album or holiday card.)  


Are fonts included with your templates?

Fonts are not included with the templates.  For your convenience, we typically use fonts that are readily available on your computer or available for free on the internet.  Please email us if you are unable to identify the name of the font used in the template design. 

May I use your template designs to create (or have my logo designer create) my logo?
You are not authorized to use the templates, in part or in whole, in your logo design since logos can be trademarked and therefore must be entirely original in design.  You may (or your logo designer may) be inspired by other designs of ours you have purchased, but the logo design needs to be created entirely from scratch and be completely unique. 
I bought the templates.  Shouldn't I be able to use them how I please?
When you purchase the template, you are authorized (licensed) to use them in specific ways for your own photography business.  Photographer Cafe retains the copyright to the designs.  To use the designs in ways not authorized by Photographer Cafe constitutes copyright infringement. 

Your designs have given me some new ideas for my own design shop.  May I copy a few of your ideas?
Our templates are not available for purchase by graphic designers, nor are graphic designers or anyone else authorized to copy the examples or ideas in any way.  These templates are designed to be used by photographers for use with their photography clients.  Designers or anyone else may not re-sell the templates, in whole or in part, in their online shops, on Etsy, or on other sites or forums.  The templates or any part of the templates also may not be given away for free or at a price to anyone else.  Further, even if you change the colors, modify a few of the design elements, or move a few design elements, it is still considered copying and constitutes copyright infringement.  

I love how your product photos look on your blog and in your shop.  May I use the images with my clients?
No, our product photos contain images which are copyrighted by the photographer who created the images and model releases from the subjects of the photographs do not encompass additional usage.  We recommend creating your own product photos to reflect your style and authenticity.

May I use the text that comes with the templates?
Yes, you may use the text that comes with the templates.  You may not, however, share the text for other photographers to use.  The text included with the templates may be used for direct, non-public communication with your clients.  Text may not be posted on any website or blog for public view, but may be posted for your clients in a password-protected page or form.
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